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Graduating student of BSN. I love playing online games than studying my lesson.

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Go mickey!

Go mickey!

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Chocolate Pancake! It doesn’t look like tasty but I’m pretty sure it’s yummy.

Chocolate Pancake! It doesn’t look like tasty but I’m pretty sure it’s yummy.

Unexpected Love

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It was six years (estimated) since I met this young man in an online game. At first it was just a normal party with him then it turn out to a regular party. We started communicating each other when he asked for my number. For me it’s just a textmate since I have lots of them in the past six years. As far as i don’t remember the last time I played that online game where we met. Days turn into weeks into months then he asked if i could be her girlfriend. Dude that was my first time (even if it’s only in texting) for someone to ask me to be his girlfriend. I was about to reject then he said "Okay sige wag nalang", then i say WAIT go! continue courting me hahahahha. That non-seriously relationship continuous until I get in college. It was an on-off relationship. To cut the long story short, I consider it as a fling relationship since we haven’t seen each other for 6 years but of course it don’t happen, i fell for him and broke my heart many times. I can’t help it I Love him until this September 21, 2013, our first meeting. At that very moment i consider it as a serious relationship. Today December 3,2013, we have four meetings already and our last meeting was in their house. Yes!!! I have finally met his family except his sister (which resides at cubao for work). And of course we slept at the same bed and the rest was history but fuck off I’m still virgin, men. hahahaha I was planning to tell this relationship to my mom first and then dad after this fucking board exam.

Even though my Local Board Exam is coming, my mom still give me the privilege to have an overnight vacation with my beloved friends. This is so fun the water is so clear like a virgin. Only few people goes to this place and its inside the Napocor (-its my first time to hear the history of this place it reminds me of a movie i forgot the title). I would love to go back in WestNuk beach.


As i went up the LRT station, a girl suddenly showed up giving free white chocolate nips. How sweet of her ♥image

This one is from my bitch. It’s the first chocolate he gave me though he bought it with me. LOL~!

second time

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and for our second meeting :D thanks for the cupcake

i love the unexplained happiness

i love the unexplained happiness

After 6 years of waiting, they’ve finally met

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The two planned the first meeting 2 months prior to their meet-up which is September 21, 2013. At first the feelings was like uhm okay fine and then argh can’t wait to see you but when the night before the meet-up came, I can’t breath, there’s a lot of butterfly in my stomach, oooh i hate this feeling its like i’m having a heart attack!!!!

The day of meet up~ both of them are very anxious and don’t know what to do. It tooks a while before the two met. “He” contacted “she” to meet at national bookstore. While the other was waiting at the book section, “She” covers the eyes of “He” and that’s the very first time they met. “He” is very shy and don’t know what to do, can’t even look at “She” eyes. They decided to walk and walk and waaaaaaaaaalk until they decided to eat lunch since “she” came from a very long travel for 4 hours.”he” pushes “she” to eat those two meals that “she” bought since “he” already eaten her lunch at Mcdo.By the way their first lunch together were at Jollibee.

Again they decided to walk aaannndd waaalkkk then they found a bench to sit, relax, talks about some shits and decided to go down and watch a movie. Their first movie was Insidious 2. It’s a good horror movie.  I know what you guys are thinking, hahahah~ it’s “she’s” chance to grab a score!!. Unfortunately “He” wants to sit at the middle balcony were a lot of people seated. Then “she” asks to sit in front where there’s a lesser people. “He” agreed. When the movie start “she” put her arms around “he“‘s waist.  yeah “she” really wants to hug “he” and of course “he” wants it too but no kiss happened on that entire movie. I know both of them want a kiss so bad but yeah they’re too shy to do that.

That picture was taken after they watch the movie. They have this little chit-chat and exchanging of pictures. “He” was too shy to look straight to “she“‘s eyes because “she” is getting corny at that moment. This very moment was so sweet how “she” said to “he” that he wants to court again “she” to prove his love to her.

And the rest was history but still no kiss on that day, maybe on the second meeting.

For them it was a very unforgettable experience ♥

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